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August 22, 2022

Gutter Maintenance

It's critical to clean your gutters on a regular basis in order to keep them running smoothly. There are specific brushes and pushers designed for this purpose with angled heads and long, telescoping handles. These tools allow you to clean your gutters without having to climb up a ladder or balance on a pole.

By adding a gutter cover, you will reduce or even eliminate the amount of times per year you need to sweep out your gutters. These mesh attachments sit on top of the gutter and keep leaves, twigs, and other debris from going in while still allowing water to flow freely.

Clogged gutters are one of the primary causes of water damage to roofs and walls. If your gutters are clogged with leaves, they will not be able to drain off water properly, which can lead to leaks and cracks in your roof or walls. This type of damage can be costly to repair if it is not caught early enough. To avoid this problem, you should either clean your gutters regularly or install gutter covers.

Replacing, Repairing, and Installation

Over time, gutters can become damaged by any number of things. Ice dams (caused by melting snow which re-freezes) can cause the gutters to sag if they are too large and heavy, which is usually irreversible. This requires replacement because if the gutter's angle is not correct, water will not flow properly. The same damage can be done by clogs formed by leaves and other debris.

Occasionally, a blockage will cause a gutter cleaning to rust through at the location of the obstruction. This may be simply remedied using a patch kit, which is readily available at home improvement and hardware stores.

Hail, careless drivers, and even playing children can cause damage to downspouts that usually requires replacement.

If you have an older home, chances are that your gutters need a full replacement. This is less expensive than repairing each hole, leak, and dent individually. It also gives you the opportunity to replace your gutters with ones made from more weather-resistant materials. These types of gutters are more durable and will last longer before they need repair or replacement.

Many small repair jobs are simple enough to do yourself. But, generally speaking, it's a better idea to hire a professional for anything more substantial--like an entire gutter replacement. Just the act of having to climb high off the ground is usually cause enough for most homeowners to leave it to someone else who does this kind of work on a regular basis and knows how handle themselves (and the tools) in these situations.

The process of picking a contractor to install or replace your gutters can be daunting, with endless ads from professionals the phone book. How do you know who to choose for the job?

Fortunately, a website that connects homeowners with home-improvement professionals has made the process easier for you. These websites provide you two options for locating assistance:

The second option is to post your job online and wait for professionals to reach out to you. This might be the simplest method...you just post and wait! After that, contractors will contact you with their bid on the project. As a safety measure, always investigate the contractors who bid on your project.

After paring down your list, contact each contractor and chat about your project to steer clear of pricey delays after work has commenced. Make sure to ask for an estimate, but keep in mind that outdoor projects are subject to the elements.

Give us a call now if you're searching for a gutter maintenance business that can keep your gutters in good working order all year. We provide comprehensive gutter cleaning services to help you avoid having to pay for expensive repairs in the future. Our staff is experienced and educated, and we're always up for chatting about our services. To get started, contact us immediately!

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