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August 22, 2022

Things to do in Bay Point CA

Bay Point, California is a city with a long history that was first established in 1856. Native Americans had inhabited the region for ages before European settlers arrived. A mission was built in the area in the early 1800s, and it later became part of Rancho Los Meganos' land grant. In 1873, after being known as La Plaza since its foundation, the city's name was changed to Bay Point CA.

Ambrose Recreation and Park District

The Bay Point Recreation and Park District provides a variety of programs to meet the needs for all ages in Bay Point, including senior nutrition classes. They also offer special events such as holiday happenings or activities that can keep you busy after school is done!


Bay Point Regional Shoreline

Bay Point Regional Shoreline is a scenic and natural area that provides access to undeveloped open space, marsh habitat in an area surrounded by residential neighborhoods. The public can enjoy views of Suisun Bay as well opportunities for hiking or fishing on the shoreline; it's also great resourceful place if you want some quiet time away from your busy life!


Ambrose Park

The Ambrose Park is located on River Lane and offers fishing access to the Truckee River, as well as improved parking. This day-use park's open sunrise - sunset allows for those looking forward an enjoyable morning or afternoon outdoors with family members (or not!). The riparian habitat provides great bird watching opportunities along its banks where you may see beaver often seen here!


Bank Club

Bank Club is the perfect place to go when you're looking for great food and drinks in Bay Point. Their drink menu offers an array of choices that will make any appetite satisfied, including beer or wine from their delightful selection! If it's happy hour time then head over here because they offer half off all orders until 7pm weekdays


La Finca Restaurant

The La Finca Restaurant is a hidden gem in the heart of California's Bay Area. This family-owned restaurant has been serving up fresh and delicious food for over 30 years to people from all walks of life, including some who drive down Port Chicago Highway just because they know what great service awaits them here!


Pastas Ditalini Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is a wonderful experience for those who love to try something different. The food here will not only fill your stomach but also give you an opportunity of experiencing new tastes and textures with each bite! After eating at Pastas Ditalini, feel free ask the staff what they recommend. 


Ibrahim Park

Ibrahim Park is a quaint and picturesque neighborhood in Bay Point, California. The area has many scenic views with an artificial sandy bay that was created by wave action centuries ago where you can enjoy fishing or simply taking it all day long while sipping your morning coffee!


Anuta Park

The perfect day trip for any family, Anuta Park is located in Bay Point California. A great place to take the kids and enjoy some quality time together while you explore this beautiful spot that has so much going on!


Los Cachanillas restaurant 2

Los Cachanillas is a cozy, family-owned restaurant in Bay Point. The food here tastes delicious and their serving sizes are perfect for any appetite! 


Big Daddy Ross's Cafe

Big Daddy Ross's Cafe is a small and quaint restaurant in Bay Point, California. It has outdoor seating with views of the bay that you can't find anywhere else!  Big menus full of fresh food and a friendly staff that will make you feel right at home - there's no reason not stop by for just one meal or an afternoon coffee!


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