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Visit Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Located in Newark, California, this expansive refuge encompasses thousands of acres of wetlands, salt marshes, and open water habitats along the shores of the San Francisco Bay. As you traverse the network of trails that wind through the refuge, you'll encounter a diverse array of plant and animal species, including migratory birds, shorebirds, waterfowl, and endangered species such as the California clapper rail and salt marsh harvest mouse. Bring your binoculars and camera to capture stunning views of the Bay Area skyline, Mount Diablo, and the surrounding natural landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned birdwatcher, nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat into the great outdoors, a visit to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge promises an unforgettable experience immersed in the beauty and biodiversity of the San Francisco Bay

Shop and dine at NewPark Mall

Indulge in a day of shopping, dining, and entertainment at NewPark Mall, a premier retail destination in Newark, California. With its diverse selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, NewPark Mall offers something for everyone to enjoy. Browse through a wide range of shops, from popular fashion brands and department stores to specialty boutiques and local artisans. After a day of retail therapy, satisfy your appetite with delicious meals and snacks at the mall's diverse dining options, including casual eateries, fast-food favorites, and sit-down restaurants serving international cuisines. And don't forget to catch a movie or enjoy some family-friendly fun at the mall's entertainment venues, which offer everything from arcade games and bowling to movie theaters and interactive experiences. Whether you're shopping for the latest fashion trends, enjoying a meal with friends and family, or simply seeking entertainment and relaxation, NewPark Mall is the perfect destination for a day of fun and excitement.

Experience Ardenwood Historic Farm

Step back in time and experience the charm and nostalgia of yesteryear at Ardenwood Historic Farm, a living history museum located in Newark, California. Situated on a sprawling estate encompassing a Victorian mansion, working farm, and agricultural exhibits, Ardenwood offers visitors a glimpse into the daily life of a 19th-century farming community. Explore the beautifully preserved grounds and gardens, where you can stroll along scenic pathways, admire colorful flower beds, and learn about traditional farming practices. Visit the historic Patterson House, a grand Victorian mansion furnished with period antiques and artifacts, and take guided tours to discover the stories of the Patterson family and their contributions to California's agricultural heritage. Kids will love interacting with farm animals, riding on horse-drawn wagon rides, and participating in hands-on activities such as butter churning and blacksmithing. Whether you're interested in history, agriculture, or simply enjoying a day outdoors with family and friends, Ardenwood Historic Farm offers an enriching and immersive experience that delights visitors of all ages.

Play golf at the Newark Golf Course

Tee off and enjoy a round of golf at the Newark Golf Course, a scenic 18-hole public golf course nestled in the heart of Newark, California. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and panoramic views of the East Bay hills, this well-maintained course offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. Practice your swing on the expansive driving range and putting greens, or test your skills on the championship-style course, which features strategically placed bunkers, water hazards, and tree-lined fairways. After your round, unwind and relax at the clubhouse, where you can enjoy refreshments, grab a bite to eat, and take in the scenic views from the outdoor patio. Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking for a new challenge or a novice player seeking a fun and relaxing outing, the Newark Golf Course provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable day on the links.

Attend events at the Silliman Activity and Family Aquatic Center

Dive into excitement and fun at the Silliman Activity and Family Aquatic Center, a state-of-the-art recreational facility located in Newark, California. With its wide range of amenities and activities, the center offers something for individuals, families, and groups of all ages to enjoy. Make a splash in the sparkling aquatic complex, which features a lap pool, leisure pool, waterslides, and interactive play structures. Kids will love the water features and splash pad, while adults can relax in the sun loungers or unwind in the warm waters of the spa. The center also offers a variety of fitness programs and classes, including swim lessons, water aerobics, and lifeguard training, as well as recreational activities such as basketball, volleyball, and pickleball. Throughout the year, the center hosts special events, themed parties, and community gatherings that bring people together for fun and fellowship. Whether you're seeking aquatic adventures, fitness and wellness activities, or simply a day of family-friendly fun, the Silliman Activity and Family Aquatic Center is the perfect destination for recreation and relaxation
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