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December 13, 2022

The Presbyterian Church in the Memorial Garden

Located within the grounds of the Presbyterian church in the Memorial Garden, Concord, this is a place where you can find peace and tranquillity to meditate on the loss of a loved one. There are a Meditation area, benches, and a fountain. You can also visit the Columbarium, which has five kiosks for cremains, and a remembrance wall.

Presbyterian church in the Memorial Garden was designed to provide a place of reflection for members and affiliates of the church. It is not a cemetery and does not have headstones or markers. It is a serene woodland that is maintained by the church, and is a living memorial for those who have passed away. This is a place where church members can give thanks, meditate, and commemorate their loved ones.

The Memorial Garden was originally designed by landscape architect Bill Hays. It is a demonstration garden that utilises native drought-resistant plants, as well as a low-water low-water-use irrigation system. The design includes a pond, and fountain, as well as a circular Worship Area with stone benches. There are also small planting areas to add beauty to the courtyard. In addition, the garden has a dogwood tree that marks the location where the ashes are buried.

On a sunny day in March 2014, the Germantown Presbyterian Church Memorial Garden was unveiled with grandeur. Located between the church's sanctuary and Evans Chapel, this tranquil garden contains 95 wall niches as well as an individualised memorial tablet inscribed with each loved one’s name and birthdate-death date alongside it.

The Germantown Presbyterian Church Memorial Garden is managed by the Germantown Presbyterian Church Memorial Garden Association. The garden has a Columbarium, which provides a permanent resting place for the ashes of church members. There are five kiosks for cremains, and an additional remembrance wall for families to commemorate their lost loved ones. The cost for a single niche is $600 and for two, the cost is $800.

The cost for a cast-bronze insert is $250. There are no restrictions on the insert, and you can place it on any of the garden walls. You can purchase the insert in the church office.
The property committee received a request to have a columbarium built on the grounds of the Presbyterian church in the garden. The congregation was invited to learn more about the proposal and was asked to consider it. After the task force visited other churches that do this, they voted in favour of building the ash's burial space at the church. The property committee then hired a landscape architect to design the memorial garden area in Concord, CA.

There are no fees for the distribution of ashes. You can request at any time, and the pastor will make arrangements to have a place for the interment. If you would like to have the ashes of a loved one interred in the garden, you can contact the church office, or the pastor. The pastor will forward the request to the Session for approval.

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